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University of Cambridge Decarbonisation Network

Photo of a tubes and chimney of a cement factory

The Hard to Decarbonise Technologies SIG (H2D) covers work in technologies including transport fuels, power generation, material flows, building materials and industrial processes.


University of Cambridge Academic Team 

SIG Lead Job Title

Adam Boies

Professor of Nanomaterials and Aerosol Engineering

Academic Team Members 


Simone Hochgreb 

Professor of Experimental Combustion

Alex Routh 

Professor of Colloid Science

Eugene Shwageraus 

University Lecturer and Course Director for the MPhil in Nuclear Energy

Srinivasan Keshav

Professor of Computer Science

Stuart Scott

Professor of Energy and Thermodynamics

Jonathan Cullen 

University Associate Professor in Energy, Transport and Urban Infrastructure

David Reiner  Associate Professor in Technology Policy


Meeting Reports

Links to the meeting reports can be found in the table below:

Topic Date
How can digital twins help save CO2 in the manufacturing industry? 23 Mar 2023

Decarbonisation of Transportation Networks using Digital Twins

03 Mar 2023
Energy Storage Solutions 23 Nov 2022
Shaping Research and Training in the Hard to Decarbonise Sector 11 Nov 2022
Methane Source Abatement and Sink Solutions 27 April 2022
Nuclear power: Challenges and opportunities in hard to decarbonise applications 9 March 2022
Steel, Cement and Chemicals: Exploring Decarbonisation Options for Energy-Intensive Industries 09 Feb 2022
Biomass Conversion: Challenges and Opportunities 10 Nov 2021
Hydrogen and Carbon Capture, Challenges and Opportunities 13 Oct 2021


Some links provided within the reports and in 'related resources' are external to the University. We are not responsible for their content. 

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