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University of Cambridge Decarbonisation Network

Aerial view of solar panels in mountain

We are expanding the Light Harvesting SIG (LH) to the broader topic of Energy Materials (EM), which will be led by Professor Sam Stranks, Professor Siân Dutton, and Professor Alex Forse at the University of Cambridge. Over the last 2.5 years, the LH SIG has grown a community to drive academic-industry partnerships focusing on the development, characterisation, deployment, and end-of-life studies of devices used in photovoltaics, photocatalysis, photo-electrochemical applications, and solar-driven fuel generation. The EM SIG will now build on this platform and expand the focus to include all materials and devices for energy applications, with a focus on cross-disciplinary research and integration of research communities from fundamental university research to deployment of commercial solutions towards net-zero.


University of Cambridge Academic Team 

SIG Lead

Job Title

Sam Stranks

Professor of Optoelectronics and Royal Society University Research Fellow
Sian Dutton  Professor of Physics and Solid State Chemistry, Deputy Head of Department
Alexander Forse Assistant Professor of Materials Chemistry

Academic Team Members 


Stephan Hofmann 

Professor in Nanotechnology

Teng Long 

Member of the Energy IRC Steering Committee & Professor in Power Electronics

Ljiljana Fruk 

Reader in BioNano Engineering

Michael de Volder 

Professor in NanoManufacturing and Engineering Design

Louise Hirst 

Professor, Department of Physics and Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy

Erwin Reisner 

Professor of Energy and Sustainability

Rachel Evans Professor of Materials Chemistry


Meeting Reports

Links to the meeting reports can be found in the table below:

Topic Date

Potential Collaborations for Testing Light Harvesting Technologies

06 Mar 2023

Solar-powered Biology and the Production of Sustainable Chemicals

03 Feb 2023
Scalability of New technologies – Going from ‘Lab’ to ‘Fab’ 07 Dec 2022
Deploying Emerging PV in the Developing World 16 Nov 2022
Sunlight to Chemical Conversion – Devices and Applications 4 May 2022
Space-based solar power 23 Feb 2022
Power electronics and grid connections 26 Jan 2022
Sustainability and life cycle analyses of light harvesting technologies 17 Nov 2021
Where do emerging PV technologies best fit into achieving decarbonisation goals? 20 Oct 2021


Some links provided within the reports and in 'related resources' are external to the University. We are not responsible for their content. 

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