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Message from Placement Coordinator / Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme, Department of Engineering:

Internships are a great way for undergraduates to get involved and fire their passion, either through research or being part of a commercial business. 

Highly motivated, inquisitive, engineering undergraduates are available to carry out internships at your company. This is a fantastic opportunity to promote your organisation and develop a direct link with one of the leading centres of engineering

Why employ our students?

  • Gain a talented, motivated intern bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to your organisation.

  • Raise your profile in the Department of Engineering.

  • A great way to select and develop your future talent.

  • Hard-working with a diverse range of experience, they’ll bring new energy and deliver quality results.

  • The Masters Engineering course covers: Information engineering including Python and C++, manufacturing, product design, biomedical, electrical and electronic, environmental and structural engineering.

  • Available for Winter internship (December to January) and Summer Internship (June to October).

Need more information or want to advertise your vacancy for free?

Please contact: