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University of Cambridge Decarbonisation Network


The purpose of this event is to identify what Cambridge has to offer in the context of ‘decarbonising fuels’ research, where there are gaps in knowledge and where there is potential for collaboration (internally and externally).

Longer term, we hope these outputs can feed into potential academic-industry collaborative research project proposals, PhD topics with industry support and/or Master’s projects.

Themes will include: green ammonia as a carbon-free fuel; efuels/biofuels; green hydrogen, decarbonising road freight and aviation.

The event will be facilitated by Cambridge Consultants.


Draft Agenda

Arrival from 10am for 10.30am start.

• AM (10.30 – 12.30): Potential technical solutions including ammonia, biofuels and hydrogen.

Presentations followed by breakout group discussions. Speakers include:

  • Laura Torrente Murciano, Professor of Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, University of Cambridge
  • Simone Hochgreb, Professor of Engineering, University of Cambridge
  • Paul Hodgson, Technical Lead, Aviation Impact Accelerator (AIA), Whittle Lab, University of Cambridge
  • David Cebon, Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Director of the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight and the Cambridge Vehicle Dynamics Consortium, University of Cambridge

• Lunch (12.30 – 13:15): Networking possibilities.

• PM: (13:15 – 15:30): The wider picture: Regulations, policy and net-zero strategies. What are the barriers to implementing the technical solutions discussed in the morning session? What are the wider systems we need to think about?

Presentations followed by breakout group discussions. Speakers include:

  • David Reiner, Professor of Technology Policy, University of Cambridge
  • Ernie Lamza, Senior Technology Advisor, North Sea Transition Authority
  • Ilkka Hannula, Senior Energy Analyst, International Energy Agency


Target Audience

Academic, industry and public sector representatives



Purpose for the day: An opportunity to have multiple specialists in a room together to talk about the University’s decarbonising fuel area and steer its future. Working together to stimulate new ideas and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Purpose of the talks: To share current thinking and research areas as a primer for the breakout sessions.

Purpose of breakout sessions: Bring together the collective thoughts and knowledge on specific research areas in the University related to decarbonising fuels and identify potential opportunities for collaboration that are relevant to industry challenges.


Wednesday, 21 June, 2023 - 10:00
Event location: 
West Hub, JJ Thomson Avenue Cambridge CB3 0US