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University of Cambridge Decarbonisation Network


Heating is essential for everyday life on the University of Cambridge Estate and the Colleges. Concurrently, reducing the amount of carbon produced by heating systems is fundamental for achieving absolute zero targets. Innovators have a key role here, as do asset managers and other stakeholders. Panellists will discuss some of the key challenges they have faced decarbonising heat and highlight where there are potential research opportunities to help us move forwards. Topics include:

  • Research project(s) in collaboration with the University Estates.
  • Intercollegiate collaborations and challenges for colleges including heritage building constraints.
  • Technology development of integrated solar panels and Solar Thermal for hot water and heating.
  • Different heat pump solutions that are emerging across the estate.


Jennifer Schooling (Chair), Director of the Centre for Smart Infrastructure, University of Cambridge

John Dix, Bursar, Darwin College

Joel Gustafsson, Director, Joel Gustafsson Consulting

Ruchi Choudhary, Professor of Architectural Engineering, University of Cambridge

Christine Boyle MBE, CEO, Senergy 

Meeting summary can be found here

Wednesday, 15 March, 2023 - 13:00 to 14:00
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